Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Projects

I found a few more pictures of projects that I haven't posted yet, so here goes! lol

This is the picnic set up on the deck of the Newberg:

This is the apartment on the top floor of my bakery. I play around with this quite a bit, trying to find the perfect placement for everything.

This is the Delaney, my first landscaping project. Not too bad for a first try, right?

This is the concession stand I made to be given as a prize in a hospitality contest at work. What a lucky winner!
angled view

This last picture is a mini jello I made from TLS. Tanya taught me this little trick. I filled my mold with TLS and baked according to directions. When it was still a bit warm, I carefully removed it from the mold. Once completely cool, I painted it with gallery glass. I need to get some other colors - like green! lol

I made it to the doctor today. I'm now waiting for some test results. Continue to keep your fingers crossed!!

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Debbie said...

Your Jelly looks very convincing.