Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cottage has a Name!

April 24, 2007
I have been driving myself about insane trying to come up with a name for my Irish cottage. I wanted a simple, Irish name for it and nothing I was coming up with sounded good to me. Out-of-the-blue yesterday, the name came to me. It's now the "Delaney Cottage". Delaney was my brother's middle name, which is the biggest reason I chose it. I ran across the name in a book I was reading and thought, "how perfect! now it can be named after Shawn!" My family seems to like it as well.Worked some more on the stones last night. Have the top of the bay window wall left to do, as well as the two back walls. Then onto the chimney. The floors are done and I really like the way they look. I should be able to finish it today, just as long as I get to it! I think I'll use most of the furniture that came with the kit in the cottage, adding a few things as well. Can't wait to start putting it together! Have decided that I will definately landscape this house. Had already decided to put it on a base with a turntable. After all the work I've put into the outside of the house, it would be a shame not to be able to admire it as well, right? But, I really thought that it would look pretty strange to have it sit on a plain base, so I have to landscape it, don't you think?? The more plans I make for this house, the more excited I get about it. One thing I've decided from doing this house - it's so much more fun to do a themed house rather than just building it and putting whatever into it! That's pretty much what I did with the Newberg and the Jellybean. Oh, the Jellybean is a dream house for my family and kinda themed house, but not like this one, or the Orchid. I am also working on the story to go with the cottage, because it's so much fun to do. That's something that I learned from the Greenleaf forum and I'm so grateful for it!!

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