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"Tamales" progress

Jun 20 2007, 09:16 PM
First, a special thank you to my friends at Greenleaf who have helped me in naming the Mexican Restaurant! I love it!I'm having great fun with this project, did I say that already?? LOL!

This is what I have so far - complete with some food on the tables. I used some of the tacos and burritos I had made previously, but added a couple things and tonight am working on some more. I made some fajitas, because when I go to "Guadalajaras", that's what I always order. It's one of my favorite Mexican dishes. This was fairly easy - first, I made a small ball of red clay and cut it into wedges, for tomatoes. I did the same with translucent for onions. I made some small pieces of meat using a mixture I came up with when attempting the leg of lamb from Sue Heaser's book. I twisted these a bit to give the shape. Then, I added some green clay as green bell peppers. I baked these, then I made a mixture of TLS and brown pastels. I mixed the baked clay into this, then sprinkled it with black pastel, to represent pepper. I re-baked. Then, I placed that in a pan I had made from clay and covered it with varnish. I was quite pleased with how this turned out.



Last night, I started on the drinks for the patrons of my lil restaurant. I made margaritas for them. I used the plastic "bowl" from the lock on a bakery container for the main part of the glass. A couple beads made the stem and a circle punched from the bakery container with a reg hole punch served as the base. I should have used superglue, but I was out and didn't feel like going to the store. So, I used hot glue, which worked great, but I'm still trying to get all the strings off of it! For the actual margarita, I mixed clear nail polish, clear gallery glass and light green pastel. This mixture, when first made, has the consistency of snot! Pretty nasty! Boy, I had fun teasing my kids with it!! LOL I filled the bowl of the glasses and set them aside to set up. Worked like a charm!


Tonight, I am working on making tamales. If that's the name of the restaurant, well, there has to be some tamales in there!!! It took me a bit to come up with a way to get the texture on these right, but think I succeeded. I have a couple more to make, then I can bake them and we'll see how they turned out. I'm using ecru colored clay (premo sculpy). I rolled it out and cut it into sections. I placed some brown clay in the center and rolled the ecru around it. Then, I rolled the outside around a bottle cap to get the ridge pattern. This worked better than trying to put each line into the clay individually! Then, I used a pin at the edges to give a bit of texture to both the "masa mixture" and the "meat". They look fairly good to me, but I'll post pics later so you all can judge. After the tamales, I plan to try Spanish rice. Wish me luck and cross your fingers! I am still doing some thinking about chairs. I have a tut around here to make chairs from film cannister lids. Unfortunately, I haven't had a roll of film in this house in over three years, ever since we switched to digital. I posted to free cycle tonight, because I was too lazy to go to either Express Photo or even Walmart to see if I can get some from either place. Not only lazy, but both places are a nice distance from the house and I try not to waste gas. Might go ahead and go to Express tomorrow, since I have to take my daughter that direction anyway. Trying to think of a way that I can make the chairs and keep with the same colors/patterns I already have in the restaurant.

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