Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feb 2007

Feb 2007 - Well, let's see if I do any better at blogging this time. I want to keep track of my mini projects, what I do and when, etc. It's a rather bad time in life right now, but I have done a few minis. Last week (on 3/18/07) I made some St. Patricks Day cakes,


a cherry pie (that I still need to add a crust to), and some cheesecakes. A few weeks ago is when I was successful at making a complete leg of lamb dinner - the meat didn't turn out quite as pink as I would've liked, but it did have wonderful texture and the bone looked remarkably real! I had made all the various vegetables before and it was really no big deal. This pic was taken 2/5/07.


Monday, I finally had the chance to try making some bacon, which I was really pleased with. It turned out wonderfully. This was made 2/17/07.

greasy bacon

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