Sunday, April 20, 2008

DuraCraft Sierra

May 25, 2007I received a nice surprise in the mail on Tuesday. A friend of mine sent me the Sierra by DuraCraft! I was so thrilled and immediately started working on it! It was sent to me to give me an idea of how to do a cabin like this for a mini weekend I'm helping with for another forum. I was surprised at how quickly and easily it went together. In fact, if it weren't for drying time, I might have finished it the same day. I didn't think to take pictures during the building process, but I do have pictures of the "final" project. I plan to follow Joann Swanson's directions to texture and color the "logs", so I haven't done that yet. I have to go on a small shopping spree first.



Tonight I started making a table for the cabin. I'm using dowels for the edges of the table and slightly larger dowels for the legs. I used a pocket knife to whittle away parts of the dowels to give them a log-look. I'm using a piece of basswood for the table and the smaller dowels will go all around the edges of that. When I have it together, I will stain the whole thing. I'll post pics of it later on. If it works out, then we'll use this table as part of the project at the mini weekend. Now I'm on the hunt for a pattern for a stove to use for the cabin as well. The bed was made with scraps of the "logs" from the cabin and another piece of basswood. It was pretty easy and we've decided to use it, too.

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